Guidelines for Instructors

Approximate Processing Times

We do our utmost to complete and return Braille requests in a timely manner. The amount of lead time needed for a request varies based on the type of request, volume of material, and complexity (for example, graphics and mathematics which require longer transcription lead time). If your request does not fall into any of the categories listed below or are printed materials on paper, please expect at least 1 to 2 weeks for transcription. Minimum lead times for documents to be processed are listed below:

Document Turnaround Times
Material to be Transcribed Turnaround Time
Class Notes (MS Text) 2 weeks
Class Notes (LaTeX) 1.5 weeks
Class Notes (PowerPoint) 4 weeks
Quizzes 2 weeks
Tests 2 weeks
Lab Instructions 1 3-4 weeks
Final Exams 2 weeks
Lab Manuals 1 1 semester
Textbooks 2 2 semesters

As stated above, the lead times for processing Braille transcripts are only estimates. The quality and timeliness of Braille transcriptions are dependent on professors and teaching assistants anticipating any Braille request at least two weeks in advance of the student's need for the work.


Should you have any questions about Braille Services, please feel free to e-mail your questions to Appointments with our Braille transcribers are also available upon request and highly recommended.

  1. Lab instructions are different from lab manuals. Lab manuals are transcribed the same way as textbooks are transcribed. Lab instructions are shorter, individual documents, usually 15 pages or less including graphics. A complete set of lab instructions is no more than 100 pages.
  2. Textbooks. A minimum of 2 semesters notice is required for the production of textbooks. A full year is preferred for textbooks with greater complexity, such as mathematics or science texts.