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Word Doc Accessibility


  • Hyperlink text describes the link destination (no "click here").


  • Simple images designed to convey information have alternative text.
  • Decorative images are marked as decorative.
  • Complex images such as charts and graphs have descriptive text near the image.
  • No text is embedded in any image.
  • All images are set to display Inline.


  • There is sufficient contrast between text color and its background color.
  • When color is used to convey information, other means of conveying that same information are provided.

Layout and formatting

  • Document uses headings (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) to create a meaningful hierarchy of content.
  • List styles are used for lists.
  • Avoid text boxes.  If they are used, test to make sure they will be presented in proper reading order.  It is better to use columns, where possible.


Other tips