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Take meaningful notes with minimal effort.
- Christa Miller

Info-FOMO is real: you leave 65% of information behind in class if you don’t take notes. With Glean you can make sure to capture your whole class, improve your learning and boost your grades.

Taking notes by hand does not capture everything. And, audio recording alone may capture everything but be difficult to use for study. That's where Glean can help. Glean is a cloud-based app that keeps your notes always within reach. It's designed to chunk and tag an audio recording so you can have useful notes that are simple to review. Glean works on a laptop or desktop using the Chrome browser. If you like mobile apps, download the mobile version. 

Getting Started with Glean

Get started with Glean by watching the video demonstration and reviewing the online skills portal for an overview of the tool's features. 

To request a Glean license:

  • Complete the "Sign-up for Glean" form.
  • Watch your provided email for a Glean invitation link to arrive within 2 business days.
  • Follow the invitation instructions to set up your account and select a password.
  • Login to Glean and start taking meaningful notes in minutes.

Still want more information? Sign up for a Glean Student Classroom live training or email with your questions.

software user interface in two columns. Left column with audio bars followed by text entry box. right column with text and tags track.