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Why Use OrbitNote?

OrbitNote is a PDF reader and editor software that allows instructors and students to interact with documents in an accessible, dynamic, and collaborative space. With OrbitNote, users can make digital documents accessible and actionable while demonstrating understanding and giving feedback in multiple formats.

Some of OrbitNote’s features include:

  • Creating accessible PDFs from digital or scanned documents
  • Reading content aloud using text to speech
  • Creating highlights for key points in the text
  • Accessing vocabulary support through the built in dictionary
  • Annotating documents by typing, drawing, or recording thoughts
  • Collaborating by using and sharing annotations and voice recordings

OrbitNote is a web app. For certain features, only a lightweight extension is needed. It works across multiple browsers and iPad. Currently, OrbitNote also works with Google Classroom, Schoology, and the Google Assignments LTI in Canvas.

Getting Started with OrbitNote

To get started, sign into OrbitNote using Virginia Tech Google account. or install the Chrome Browser extension. Review the documentation and video resources linked below to learn more about the tool's features.


Video Resources

Training & Support

Visit the IT Knowledge Base, request a consultation with an accessibility specialist, or email with questions.

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