Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a note-taking software with a companion mobile app (Sonocent Link) that allows students to access spoken language more effectively in class and lectures. By recording and annotating lecture notes, students can build independent study skills and create complete, useful resources for their studies.

While training on the application is available by requests emailed to, the product is not yet available through Student Software Distribution. However, students who are registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) may be eligble for a no cost license loan and should contact the SSD office directly.

"For me, it's much more than note-taking software... I mainly use it for writing essays, compiling research for those essays, and for brainstorming."

Yishai Barth, College Student, USA

Getting Started with Sonocent

Get started using Sonocent by downloading the desktop version (macOS, Windows, or Android) or installing the mobile app.  Review the online tutorial for a brief overview of the tool's features. Still want more? Join us at our next TLOS: Professional Development Network course.