AT Services Lab

Lab in Newman Library

The Assistive Technologies Services (AT Services) Lab in Newman Library helps ensure that students, employees, and people with disabilities have the appropriate technologies needed to access programs and services of the university. The lab supports a variety of disability accommodations and services based on assistive technologies, including specialized computer software, adaptive equipment, and individualized training.

Supported Software, Equipment, and Services

AT Services also coordinates assistive technology software, equipment, and services in many other locations at Virginia Tech to include all university supported computer labs and departments requesting consultations.

Examples of assistive technologies supported by AT Services include:

  • Computer screen magnification, color filtering, and many other features
  • Video magnifiers with color filtering, auto highlighting, and other enhancements
  • Screen readers for the blind using keyboard or touch screen navigation
  • Scan and read products for people with low-vision or print disabilities
  • Assistive reading and writing products to improve literary abilities
  • Speech recognition for computer control and dictation
  • Note taking software, organizers, and a variety of other assistive/adaptive tools
  • Ergonomic (sit-to-stand) ADA-accessible tables for university computer workstations

AT Services Computer Support

For computer support issues in the AT Services Lab contact the Director of Assistive Technologies and Universal Design at (540) 231-2236 or