Testing Tools

There are many free tools for testing the accessibility of web sites and web applications, and we've divided them into the following categories.

      • Browser Extensions

        There are many browser extensions that can be useful in testing the accessibility of web pages.

      • Bookmarklets

        Bookmarklets, also known as favelets, are little snippets of JavaScript dressed up as bookmarks and require no installation beyond dragging a link containing the script from a page into your browser’s Favorites or Bookmarks Bar.

      • Color Contrast Checking Tools

        While most general-purpose accessibility testing tools will notify you of problems with color contrast, and sometimes even suggest a better color combination, they cannot always inform you definitively if there is sufficient contrast in certain circumstance, as when elements are absolutely positioned. In those cases, you will have to find out what the relevant color values are and enter them in another tool to see if they meet contrast requirements.

      • Software Applications

        Some software applications, either installed separately or built utilities that come with the operation system, can be used to test the accessibility of web pages.