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Bookmarklets, also known as favelets, are little snippets of JavaScript dressed up as bookmarks and require no installation beyond dragging a link containing the script from a page into your browser’s Favorites or Bookmarks Bar. Then, whenever you are on a page you want to test, you just click on the link to the bookmark and it’ll run the script on the page you are viewing and display the results. The advantage of these is that they work in any browser.

ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector)
A free tool used in the Trusted Tester Process that will:
  • Provide automated detection of accessibility issues
  • Reveal what a screen reader should say for interactive elements
  • Give practical suggestions to improve accessibility and check 508 compliance
Accessibility Bookmarklets
A set of bookmarklets, that highlight ARIA Landmarks and HTML5 sectioning elements, headings, lists, images, and form-related elements.
A relatively comprehensive accessibility testing tool that reports unambiguous Errors for stuff it is confident is wrong, provides Warnings for content it thinks might be problematic but isn’t sure about, and Notifications, which are reminders to check certain things based on the content in the pages
JavaScript Bookmarklets for Accessibility Testing
A number of bookmarklets from J. Paul Adam that let you query attributes and visualize information related to ARIA, images, forms, headings, tables, landmarks, language use, tabindex, title attributes, iframes, lists, and focus.
A simple accessibility testing tool that highlights problems on the page. It also includes a tool that lets you hover over elements on the page to view them as a screen reader would.
Web Accessibility Favelets
A set of bookmarklets used in the Trusted Tester process used by the Department of Homeland Security
Visual ARIA Bookmarklet
Visual ARIA allows engineers, testers, educators, and students to physically observe ARIA usage within web technologies, including ARIA 1.1 structural, live region, and widget roles, proper nesting and focus management, plus requisite and optional supporting attributes to aid in development.