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Command Line Developer Tools

For those developers who are really responsible for the nuts and bolts of coding, there are command line tools that can be used to test the accessibility of web pages.  These are often useful for integrating with other tools, for instance, to perform automated audits of sites at predetermined intervals, or for validating code before merging pull requests.

AccessLint brings automated web accessibility testing into your development workflow. When a pull request is opened, AccessLint reviews the changes and comments with any new accessibility issues, giving you quick, timely, and targeted feedback, before code goes live.
Client side accessibility error scanner
Accessibility Developer Tools
This is a library of accessibility-related testing and utility code.
A CLI, JsDom and PhantomJs library for HTML_CodeSniffer
Easy accessibility audits powered by the Chrome Accessibility Tools
A11y Command-line Tools
Web accessibility audits powered by the Chrome logo Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools.
Automated Accessibility Testing Tool (AATT)
AATT tests web applications regarding conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Find a list of the WCAG 2.0 rules checked by HTMLCS Engine on the HTML CodeSniffer WCAG Standard Summary page and Chrome Engine on the Google Chrome Developer Audit rules. AATT provides an accessibility API and custom web application for HTML CodeSniffer, Axe and Chrome developer tool. Using the AATT web application, you can configure test server configurations inside the firewall, and test individual pages.
Provides a chainable aXe API for Selenium's WebDriverJS and automatically injects into all frames.
Accessibility analyzer for your frontend.
Static AST checker for accessibility rules on JSX elements.
Grunt plugin for aXe utilizing WebDriverJS
Gulp plugin for AccessSniff
Pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal. It runs accessibility tests on your pages via the command line or Node.js, so you can automate your testing process.
Pa11y CI
A command-line tool which iterates over a list of web pages and highlights accessibility issues. This is a CLI that’s more geared towards use in CI.
Test your React application with the axe-core accessibility testing library. Results will show in the Chrome DevTools console.