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Site Crawling Accessibility Testing Tools

Some tools will perform automated accessibility scans of entire site.  Here are some good free ones.

Asqatasun is an opensource web site analyzer, used for web accessibility (a11y) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is primarily keyed to the French accessibility standard, RGAA 3, but since this, in turn, is keyed to WCAG 2.0, it still provides useful insights. It has a Docker image, integrates with Jenkins, and allows you to create scripted "scenarios" using the Selenium Builder Firefox extension to manipulate the browser and run accessibility scans on pages as they exist in a certain state after performing certain actions.
axe-crawler is a Node.js webcrawler which tests every page it can find in a single domain using the axe-core accessibility testing library.   axe-crawler produces a detailed html summary report of the accessibility issues it finds on pages in the domain in addition to raw JSON data output from the tests.
Pa11y Dashboard:
A web dashboard which automatically tests web pages for accessibility issues daily. Graphs help you track improvements and regressions over time. Useful for non-developers to see how your sites perform.
Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0:
A project out of Jon Gunderson's group at the University of Illinois, The Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) 2.0 analyzes web pages for requirements defined by the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level A and AA Success Criteria. It is an open source project, but they also provide a paid hosted service with different subscription levels.
The A11y Machine:
The A11y Machine is an automated accessibility testing tool which crawls and tests pages of any web application to produce detailed reports.