Training and Tutorials

Virginia Tech Training

Virginia Tech's Accessible Technologies group provides regular workshops on topics related to assistive technologies and web and document accessibility, most often offered through the University's Networked Learning Initiatives, but also delivered to targeted audiences, separately. These include a progressive sequence of workshops on web accessibility, ACCESS 001 - ACCESS 401. In addition, workshops on the Ensemble content management system highlight features of that system that allow authors to create accessible content. 

Most Fridays, from Noon - 1 PM, the Accessible Technologies group on campus hosts a Digital Accessibility Brown Bag Lunch in our offices in 2020 Torgersen Hall and online via Zoom.  There attendees can explore areas of interest to them and share what they are working on with the group in order to get feedback on how to improve it from an accessibility perspective.  To be notified of what topics we'll be exploring each week and to participate in online discussion about accessibility at Virginia Tech, join our Google Group. Training

Additionally, Virginia Tech provides access to the online video training library (requires VT PID login), which provides a number of courses (or sections of courses) on topics related to web and document accessibility, including:

Accessibility Courses on the Web

Beyond what is available through Virginia Tech, there are free online courses on the wider web.

Selected Articles and Tutorials on Accessibility Topics